Monday, May 23, 2011

Turning on a dime

If there is one thing the 21st century had learned already, its that things will change on a dime.
George Bush wasn't going to be a memorable president -- until 911.
The Irish economy was the Celtic Tiger -- except when it collapsed. And the American economy was never going to quit -- except when it did.
The NDP was never going to get elected in Quebec -- then they won 50 seats.
And in spite of the thousands of American lives lost in 911 and in Afghanistan and in Iraq, the United States will always support Israel....except that Americans are starting to get pissed off at being lectured to and taken for granted.
Josh Marshall writes:
Netanyahu believes that US power is forever and that the US political consensus to support Israel in almost any policy choice it makes will never change. So he can simply ignore the currents of history and international affairs and thumb his nose at every other country in the world. But neither is true.

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