Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just watch him

Not even three weeks into his unfettered prime ministership, and Stephen Harper is already showing us what kind of prime minister he will be -- arrogant, unaccountable, partisan, and shortsighted.
And the media is already showing us what kind of press coverage we're going to get: arrogant, obedient, and obsessed with trivialities.
Warren Kinsella sums it up:
You get what you pay for, folks. You get the government you vote for. Suck it up.
On May 2, Canadians may have felt they were trooping to polling stations to bring to an end the seemingly interminable cycle of elections and minority governments, and return some stability for four years. They may have thought they were rewarding Stephen Harper for doing not badly through a global recession, and for not behaving like a Reform Party troglodyte following his first win in 2006. They may have thought they were doing their democratic duty.
In reality — and from Stephen Harper’s perspective — they were giving the Conservative Party a licence to do whatever the hell it wants to.
This is, I am now convinced, Stephen Harper’s last term as prime minister. By the time it’s over, he will have been in power for a decade.
And he plans to drop a few more bombs along the way.
Just watch him.

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