Monday, June 03, 2013

Just shut up, that's why 

Well, we certainly know now where RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson stands on bullying and harassment in the workplace
“I can’t be continuously defending against outlandish claims as if they were representative of a modern RCMP when they’re not.”
Ah, yes, Paulson testified to a Senate committee today to the effect that the REAL bullies are those disgruntled pro-union agitators who are being so mean to all those innocent RCMP managers and coworkers. Poor babies, they have it so tough when they are just "busting their hump" to serve the public.
Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell was not amused:
Mitchell later told reporters it was “revealing” to hear Paulson single individuals out for “ridicule and criticize them so aggressively in public,” saying it actually had the effect of underlining the message that “things are probably as bad” as some believe.
“I don’t think you can change culture in the RCMP if you don’t acknowledge” the issue and the courage of people who have brought it forward, Mitchell said.
I wonder if Paulson realizes that his testimony effectively endorsed behaviour which might well turn out to be indefensible?

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