Monday, June 10, 2013

Security state? Or just a fantasy state? 

Edward Snowdon thinks of himself as a spy.  But Gene Hackman he ain't.
Surely the United States of America wasn't ever actually being "protected" by 29-year-old guy who dropped out of high school and then dropped out of community college, briefly joined the army but was discharged, and then worked as a university security guard before apparently being hired to a tech position by the National Security Agency?
And surely the NSA and Dell computers and the private security firm Booz Allen Hamilton weren't really so desperate for staff that they needed to hire the kind of guy who blocks his hotel doorway with pillows and wears a hood when using a computer "to prevent any hidden cameras from seeing him" while declaring how easily he could track everyone's keystrokes online?
And surely people aren't treating this nut like he's some kind of "hero" for giving a 41-slide powerpoint presentation to the Washington Post and to Glenn Greenwald?
Donald Trump calls Snowden "a grandstander" -- and he should know!
Snowden already has a filmmaker involved in his story.

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