Saturday, June 15, 2013

Well, that was ugly 

Unrepentant to the end, Quebec soccer is still trying to save face by blaming their racist turban ban on FIFA's supposed "ambiguities" -- the rules of soccer, you know, are just so difficult to clarify for all those hundreds of thousands of people around the world who play this game.
Why, I guess they're almost as confusing as those Senate expense rules!
But at least the federation has finally lifted their idiotic ban -- and being the polite and truly Canadian gentlemen they are, Sikhs have moved on:
The news was greeted with cheers by a mostly Sikh crowd at a solidarity soccer game organized in a Montreal suburb, where people of all ages and skills charged onto the pitch wearing turbans.
“I’m excited and I’m proud as a Quebecer that the decision has come to allow the kids to get back on the field,” said Amar Magon, one of the organizers of the game.

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