Monday, May 26, 2014

Fixing the TFWP? Fuhgeddaboudit

Tasha Kheiridin at iPolitics knows how to fix the TFWP.
The only problem is, the Harper Cons are too incompetent to do what she suggests:
Solutions to the abuse of temporary foreign worker programs ... should be to ensure that foreign workers don’t serve as cheap labour, but only as labour of last resort....
This means proper enforcement. It means inspectors going undercover to verify that hotels and restaurants are actually unable to meet their needs from the pool of local domestic workers. It means unscheduled visits to check on farm workers’ and nannies’ living conditions. It means prosecuting employers who abuse their employees, and denying them access to the programs, while protecting affected workers so they do not fear retribution.
This type of enforcement, and fair treatment of employees, costs money. More, one suspects, than would be covered by the $275 fee now charged to bring in a temporary foreign worker. That cost should be borne by the employer, not the taxpayer. Those who complain such moves would destroy their business, or expand the nanny state, should remember that these programs are not a right. They’re creatures of the state — and if the state can’t run them properly, they should be shut down.
This makes a lot of sense.
And its never going to happen, not as long as Harper and Kenny are fumbling around -- they think management is telling people to shut up.
As Ralph Goodale says, this government's policy is chaos.

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