Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's Jump-the-shark season on TV

As the season finales appear day by day, we see more and more TV shows that end by some lead character jumping the shark.
Remember how pissed off everyone was when the producers ended the first season of The Killing without actually solving the killing, which was the one reason anybody was watching the series?
That's nothing to how pissed off Castle fans are about not seeing the wedding they've been talking about and talking about ALL DAMN SEASON LONG!  The ridiculous Castle finale actually ended with one of those Is-Castle-Dead? burning car endings -- and with Becket, in her wedding dress, weeping on the side of the road.  Maybe Nathan Fillion's contract is up for renegotiation.
And I think contract negotiations are the only possible reason for that silly Chicago Fire finale -- virtually the entire cast dashed into a burning building which of course then immediately proceeded to explode. Whocouldanode?  I guess which characters stagger out next fall will depend on who signs contracts over the summer.
At least NCIS spared us another Is-Gibbs-Dead? / Is-Ducky-Dead? / Is-Ziva-Dead? ending, which wouldn't have worked very well anyway considering that Ralph Waite really is.
And while the Person Of Interest finale dispatched their Anonymous-clone Vigilance group in a predictable way, the dispersal of its cast in the final scene was as fascinating a way to end a season as I have ever seen.
And next season, these:

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