Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I am Canadianized!

In other parts of the continent, its called "uppity".
But I like calling it "Canadianized" -- asking for an employer to treat you like a fellow human being instead of an indentured servant.
Deny it all they like, but of course the advice given by a Saskatoon recruiting firm to a restaurant owner was intended to intimidate his temporary foreign workers from asking for better treatment from their employer:
According to the email, which was obtained by CBC's iTeam, the Saskatoon-based recruiter told Houston Pizza in Estevan, Sask., that some employers of temporary foreign workers find that over time, the workers "become 'Canadianized' and increase their demands on the employers.'"
"We believe a simple reminder to the workers will reverse the effects of the Canadian influence," it says. The 2011 email essentially suggested telling such "Canadianized" workers that if things don't work out, they could be sent home.
...Apparently, among the worker demands the company was referring to were requests for time off.
The email reminds the restaurant owners that "time off must meet the employer's schedule NOT the workers."
I think these folks need a union!
Many years ago, I heard a drugstore owner complaining up and down when the minimum wage was raised, because he didn't want to pay his "girls" any more money because they were all such awful employees.   And I thought, No wonder nobody wants to work for you, you old misogynist, when you treat your staff only as a drain on your profits.
I had hoped that attitude was long gone in Canada, but I guess not.
Because it seems like some employers just cannot resist the impulse to act like dirtbags to their employees when they get the chance.  And the TFW Program has given them that chance.
Why can't these employers understand that we are proud of our country and we want it to treat well the people who come here to work?

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