Monday, November 11, 2019

Maybe now I can watch hockey again 

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We all can.

And to those claiming 'free speech', he still has the same free speech rights as before. He just doesn't deserve the platform, nor the pay. He hasn't for a long time.

And for the record, I'm quite certain that if he wasn't too stubborn to apologize he'd be back at work on Saturday night. He is his own worst enemy.

By Anonymous Redwretch, at 10:54 pm  

Don Cherry should have wore blackface, cheered on Omar Khadr's $10.5 million pay out from taxpayers, and demanded that Canadians pay $600 million to the Fake News.
Then regressives would've been lauding Cherry!

Extremely Extreme Extremist

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:33 am  

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