Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Today in impeachment

What a day for the impeachment inquiry!  I'm biased of course, but I don't think Devin Nunes got anywhere with his stupid "boooooring!" comments.  Of course the narrative is complicated and the questions and testimony got into the weeds sometimes, but it was fascinating all the same.
Vindman and Williams were stunning and impressive in standing up for principles.  
Then came Volker and Morrison -- and I didn't realize until I read some of the news stories later that they were supposed to be testifying FOR Trump!  With friends like these..... 
Volker came across as well-meaning but naive, while Morrison tried his best but could only babble on about how the president sets foreign policy -- nobody is saying that Trump doesn't have this authority, just that he based his so-called "policy" on corruption and personal advantage -- and in the end even Morrison had to admit that he couldn't support what Trump had tried to do to the Ukraine.
And I thought many parts of Morrison's testimony were ridiculous --  he said the July 25 call was fine, just FINE. completely proper -- except that somehow it was also so potentially "politically damaging" that he had to talk to White House lawyers about it right away. And he said Vindman shouldn't have talked to those same lawyers because it was inefficient to have two people talking to them.  And he said the call transcript had been put into the Super Double Secret Probation server because of "administrative error" -- oh, really?
I thought this comment from Schiff was great:

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