Sunday, February 12, 2023

Today's Funny Stuff: Baseball and Billings Bridge and Penquins and more

I know I'm pushing the season a little -- six weeks until opening day! - but in honour of Superbowl Weekend, here's some baseball stuff: I now subscribe to a substack newsletter Dead Legends, which this week talked about The Pine Tar Incident. See the newsletter for the full story in all its glory. Loved Billy Martin's comment here "When you win the game, you don't protest." The news tonight in baseball is that now the LA Dodgers have been accused of stealing signs in the 2018 World Series, which they lost in five games to Boston anyway, so whatever they may have been doing, it didn't do them any good. 
I found this quite touching: Baseball is now getting dragged into the US culture wars - school districts in Florida are preemptively removing biographies of players like Roberto Clemente and Hank Aaron, apparently because nobody wants to find themselves targetted by Florida's asshole governor Ron DeSantis nor his redneck supporters. 
Jemelle Hill asks an excellent question here: And LeBron James achieved the most points in NBA history this week -- this great video show all of LeBron's buckets: Moving on, remember The Battle of Billings Bridge, during the Ottawa Occupation a year ago? It was just about the only time that the people of Ottawa successfully fought back against the Convoy and against the Ottawa police. So this week somebody put up a "plaque" to commemorate the battle. Of course, the city of Ottawa took it down almost immediately, thereby demonstrating how decisevely they could act when it is really important! 
But it was a thing of beauty while it lasted: Moving on: Moving on, here's some penguin stuff: Wait for it! This is strangely fascinating: As is this: Ahhh!

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