Friday, February 10, 2023

Today's News: Roundup time

A roundup of this week's news: 

First, this happened on Tuesday -- weird, wasn't it: Then on Thursday, Smith did this -- Twitter can't decide whether it was stupid or smart: Of course, none of this has anything to do with increasing federal money for health care -- we'll find out on Friday how much more the Premiers they they can get:
Moving on, I watched Biden's terrific State Of The Union on Tuesday night, then Sander's self-obsessed and irrelevant response. It revealed exactly what is wrong with conservative right-winters today -- Republicans have lost their minds. It was startling to hear Sander's all-consuming, overwhelming, incoherent, angry bitterness. As Saunders prattled on and on about "woke mobs" and "crazy", it struck me that the right-wingers have really lost the culture war and they know it and they just hate it. 
And us.
Then the next day, the Republicans demonstrated to America exactly who the crazies really are -- they tried to hold a hearing about Hunter Biden, for heaven's sake.  Then they "investigated" why Twitter hadn't linked to some New York Post story from four years ago - somebody's supposed to go to jail for that, I guess:
Love that description of the Fox News Cinematic Universe. 
The hilarious revelation at this hearing was finding out that Trump had wanted Chrissy Tiegen "cancelled": The Republicans have to learn not to hold these hearings - they're not very good at it. 
Meanwhile, tonight Biden is shit-posting, and Biden Blast is trending:
Moving on to the Ukraine War, here's a starting statistic: Here's a summary of a recent attack: Mark Sumner describes Russia's recent offensives in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts:
Each of the attacks at Vuhledar seems to have resulted in greater losses than the last. Which should not be a surprise. When Russia keeps trying to make the same kind of advance in the same location, artillery, MLRS, and drones are already targeting the area and ready to go. So Ukraine can dispatch them even faster and more efficiently. That’s just how it worked at Bilohorivka — each Russian defeat was worse than the one that came before.
And in this case, Russian forces seem to be moving slowly through relatively open territory, over roads that are heavily mined. Videos show vehicles creeping along, trying to swing around when members of their convoy strike a mine, and coming under patient, precise strikes from artillery guided in by drones hovering constantly overhead. All the while, Russian infantry clusters first around one vehicle, then another, dashing without an apparent plan from place to place, trying to find something like safety … until all the vehicles, and the people, are gone.
Finally, this -- for cry sake, isn't this just what we need now! And tonight, we heard about this: Oh well, at least the weekend is coming up!

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