Sunday, February 05, 2023

Today's Great Stuff: Thoughtful, interesting, funny

I noticed some of the kids from down the block coming home from school yesterday and one of them was wearing shorts ....

Here's some thoughtful, interesting, and funny stuff I have collected over the last week or so.

First, the thoughtful:
A remarkable thread: Next, the interesting: I saw this sisyphys stuff on twitter the other day and couldn't figure it out: Now Ryan Broderick at Garbage Day explains it: Sisyphus Got That Dawg In Him
It was a meme that started on TikTok and moved to Twitter and its just too boring to rehash it all here, but Broderick concludes that is exactly Twitter's problem now:
What’s super interesting though is how Twitter’s algorithm started aggressively promoting Sisyphus content. To the point where users were literally asking each other what was going on. Which makes me think that we’ve reached a point where you basically need to be consuming both Twitter and TikTok simultaneously to really understand what people are talking about on the internet, at least, in America. Which, I’m going to guess, less and less people will care about the further this goes on.
But at the moment, we still expect a sort of coherent rhythm to what goes viral. We expect a piece of content to be seen and talked about a lot because it’s somehow notable or interesting. But it’s getting more random and meaningless which in the short-term is pretty fun, but it makes me wonder if long-term our idea of “internet culture” starts to devolve into static. A sort of chum box effect happening to social chatter.
He concludes with this great tweet: I wonder how many people understood the Kafka reference

Now, the funny: We have seen astroids sized by half-giraffes and by penguins, but we are now describing weight in Corgis: Anniversaries are always worth noting: Sing along! Animal crackers!

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