Friday, April 07, 2023

"Beer, bedrooms and bathrooms"

I'm reading lots of tweets and comments these days about how banana-pants crazy some Republicans are these days, and it worries me that Canada is trending in the same direction. Seems to me our politics has usually been about two years behind the US. And then yesterday Tennessee lost its mind: Digby writes: 
Go ahead guys, mobilize Black people, women, and normal people everywhere who are sick and tired of all this gun violence. You are turning guns into an issue like abortion. Fine. Let’s have it out.

Here's a word from the best president America never had:
Finishing off with the Canadian contagion:


Cap said...

I love these old Republicans like Nichols and Stevens trying to pretend that 40 years ago their party wasn't racist and anti-gay. They're counting on the old United States of Amnesia, as Gore Vidal described his country's shocking lack of historical awareness.

As for reopening the Canadian constitution, I think that ought to be done every generation or so to avoid being ruled by the dead hand of the past. We already have seven conservative premiers if you include Legault (which you need to do to clear the 7/50 amending formula), so I'm not sure what Bexte is waiting for. But he's wrong to assume they'll all act in lockstep. In the 1980s, the conservative premiers of Ontario and New Brunswick sided with Trudeau. And Mulroney's attempt to change the constitution at Meech Lake got the unanimous support of the premiers, but fell apart when the provinces tried to ratify it. Changing the constitution isn't the slam dunk that Bexte thinks it is.

Cathie from Canada said...

Agree, Cap!
Thanks for your thoughtful comments too.

Trailblazer said...

There is every chance Alberta will dump the 'cons'.

Problems is that the evangelists both side of the border are better organised and financed than the rank and file.


Cathie from Canada said...

I hope so, Trailblazer. I gather the key is what happens in Calgary - if they get out the Notley vote, then she has got a chance.