Sunday, April 30, 2023

Weekend funnies: Nostalgia and Dark Brandon and Orcas

A little nostalgia: As I contemplate our problems in 2023, I have to keep remembering: 
  • when I was 8, we were practicing hiding from a nuclear war by scurrying under our school desks when our civil defense air raid siren sounded.
  • when I was 13, JFK was assassinated. 
  • by the time I was 15, tens of thousands of American boys were fighting in Vietnam. 
  • when I was 17, RFK and MLK were assassinated, and there were riots in Chicago and Detroit and Los Angeles, and Nixon was elected. 
  • when I was 19, the Ohio National Guard killed four students at Kent State; the FLQ kidnapped James Cross and Pierre LaPorte, and Trudeau pere declared the War Measures Act 
So yes, sometimes things were bad when I was younger. 
I didn't have any solutions then, either, except to #AlwaysVoteLeft.

Moving on - Andrew Coyne isn't impressed with Pierre Poilievre anymore (if he ever was):
I absolutely loved this: A few good political comments: Fascinating: Funny stuff:

Animal crackers:

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