Wednesday, April 05, 2023

"Florida man charged"

I didn't bother watching any of the White Bronco chase yesterday, the Manhattan court proceedings today, or the Mar-a-Lardo speech tonight. 
But I have seen some great tweets and comments so I have to share:
LawFareBlog has an analysis of the indictment including some comments on what might happen next. They say "Trump will throw a lot of spaghetti at the wall in an effort to get the Supreme Court of the United States to take a look". 
Much of the media coverage has been grim and ponderous and oh so serious. But over on the substacks, the people I read are cheering. At his newsleter The Banter, Jonathan Katz writes tonight:
At one point, one of the commentators said: “This a sober day no matter where you fall on the political spectrum.”
And I just want to say: No it’s not. This has been a great day. This is an extremely fun day. Let’s have more days like this.
... Good! Charge all of those [other cases] too. Let’s get more photos of the ex-president slumped over like a deflating Graf Zeppelin at a wooden defendant’s table. Let’s get one in every state, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C. Let the man spend his entire miserable 2024 reelection campaign enduring the daily monotony and fear of court proceedings, while the nation is reminded at every turn of his repeated attempts to steal elections through fraud and violence, and the rampant criminality that has defined his entire adult life.
At The Present Age, Parker Molloy is also unimpressed with the way the media are covering this:
It’s been awful!
I’d say, “Have you learned nothing from empty podiums in 2016?” but given that everyone in the world of media failed up (or, if they did lose their jobs a la Jeff Zucker, it was unrelated to terrible 2016 coverage), I think the answer is yes, they did learn from 2016 — to lean into the nonsense even more.
But hey, thanks to every news outlet on the planet alerting everyone to the exact whereabouts of his big dumb plane and sending 15 of your most overpaid reporters out to interview the dozen or so Trump supporters rallying in New York while running story after story after story about how this is a “solemn day for democracy” or whatever. Great work, corporate media. Keeping us all up to speed on the important things happening in the world.
Like… WTF are we even doing here, guys?
It’s so pathetic how badly elite media types want Trump back in office. Between this and Lesley Stahl’s softball interview with Marjorie Taylor Greene, I think it’s important to once again remind everyone that corporate media is not in any way, shape, or form, on the side of “truth” or “democracy.” Corporate media is on the side of profit and conflict. Always has been, and always will be.
The media can't quit Trump, but the voters are moving on. 
On his Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion substack, Jeff Tedrich writes
This afternoon, in a courtroom in lower Manhattan, Donald Trump will be arraigned. Donald Trump thinks this will guarantee him a win in 2024.
Donald Trump is a fucking idiot.
...Donald Trump is the biggest fucking delusional grievance baby ever to have dwelt inside the Wingnut Grievance Bubble.
...inside his rapidly deteriorating brain, Trump is absolutely convinced that the public spectacle of his indictment will rally all of America to his side and propel him to a massive victory in 2024.
out in the real world, however, the majority of Americans believe that Trump deserves everything that courts and prosecutors are about to throw at him.
...Trump’s narrow victory in 2016 was due a lot of fluky things that came together in one perfect horrible storm, but one huge factor was that the majority of ‘undecideds,’ the low-information voters who really don’t pay attention to politics, didn’t know that TrUmP tHe SuCcEsSfUl BuSiNeSsMaN was a character he played on a tv show, and that in real life Trump is actually a serial fuck-up.
these voters were willing to roll the dice because even if they didn’t approve of Trump’s boorish personality, at least here was a guy who knew how to run a business. how could that be bad for America?
well, those voters have learned their lesson. they might have been uninformed, but they’re not stupid. they now know the real Trump.
they might have been there for him in 2016, but they were gone in 2020 and they’re going to be even more gone in 2024 as Trump sinks into a legal hell of his own making.
the man is fucking toxic.
and the only people left to vote for him are the crazies. and thank fucking god, there aren’t enough crazies to carry an election.
enjoy your big stupid arraignment, Trump. from here on out, your life only gets increasingly worse.


Cap said...

"... the White Bronco chase yesterday..." ROFL, good one, Cathie! TV really is a terrible medium for news. And despite his success in the OJ case, even Trump won't touch Alan "I kept my tighty whities on" Dershowitz these days.

Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks Cap. I saw the Bronco reference on a tweet somewhere and thought it was hilarious.
Sometimes I'm glad to be old enough to remember these things....

Ezeelogin said...

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