Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Olympics coming 

Well, its a sign that the Olympics are approaching when I start reading stories about it. I love the Olympics and try to watch as much as I can -- and darn it, I'm in for another year of watching softball at 3 am, because its being played on the other side of the world. My only criteria for a "good" Olympic site is one where I don't have to watch in the middle of the night.
I remember during Sydney, idly flipping over to the triathlon at about 5 am for no good reason, listening to the Canadian announcers describing the event but no one mentioning any Canadian participants in the swimming and biking legs. Then watching the final sprint -- and there came Simon Whitfield, amazing the announcers as well as the rest of us -- Its a Canadian! -- and there I was, shouting at the TV, Go, Go, Go! What a memory, and to think I would have missed it if I hadn't been watching at 5 am.
So I haven't really been following what is going on in the States, but the Washington Post has a nice little update site -- see this story about Marion Jones,Jones Wants Public Hearing and check the sidebar on the right which sums up what has been happening there. You know, if this were Canada, all of it would be headline news every day, but I haven't had the impression that the US news outlets are making a big deal about it. Anyway, I am glad that the US is finally taking the doping issue more seriously, at least judging by the list of major athlets already suspended and the ones being investigated -- I recall lots of criticism of the US in Sydney for letting athletes participate who had maybe tested positive but were appealing and they weren't telling anyone about it.
And just for everyone's reference, here is the Canadian Olympic Committee's Athens site.

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