Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Winners and losers 

Canadians give Liberals a minority; 'We must do better,' Martin pledges So Harper loses by winning more seats, but not enough. And Martin wins by losing some seats, but not enough.
According to the final count, unless recounts change it, Martin doesn't need the NDP as long as he has about half of the Bloc. But with the NDP alone, he cannot do it.
A "majority" in this government is not actually 155, its 154, considering that one member will serve as speaker (I think I have that right). If a Liberal is speaker, that cuts Martin down to 134 votes. Adding the NDP's 19, it still is only 153 votes, one short if the Conservatives, the Bloc and Cadman all vote against Martin. So Martin needs the Bloc, at least one or two or them, or the NDP plus Chuck Cadman, whose main focus is on law-and-order issues like illegal street racing and grow ops.
Oh, may you live in interesting times.

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