Saturday, June 19, 2004

Penguin Papers nails it 

Penguin Paper's take on the Putin story -- Penguin Papers: Putin Says Russia Warned U.S. on Saddam
I knew there was something wrong with this story when I read it, but I hadn't reasoned it out. Penguin does, and nails all of the stupidities in it:
Let me get this straight, after 9/11 when even the FRENCH declared that "we are all Americans" the Russians had info on a Saddam attack on the US and they still opposed an Iraq invasion? Surely if it was known that an attack was imminent on the US, then the UN wouldn't have to be involved because this would have then become a NATO issue (attack on one, is an attack on all… even it is only planned) . . . And leading up to the war, the US cited sources from the UK, Africa, Prague, Chalabi, some UK PhD student's thesis off of the web, and yet they somehow forgot to mention that, oh yeah, the Russians have given us concrete proof of an up-coming Saddam attack . . . If there was an attack plan, then all the other reasons for the war would have been moot. They were going to attack us, so we attacked them. Who cares about WMD and so on, this would have been self-defense. And the day after the 9/11 commission comes out saying there is no proof that ties Saddam to bin Laden, the Russians come out with this little nugget of information. Besides, what was Saddam going to attack with? Imaginary WMD? His oh-so-powerful Republican Guard who went more AWOL that Bush during the Vietnam era. Maybe they were going to get the Iraq Information minister to hurl insults at American targets and interests? This story just boggles my mind. How fantastically stupid do they reckon we are? So Putin, what it Bush giving you for this little PR boost? A nice share of Iraq oil perhaps?
Great stuff, Penguin.

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