Saturday, June 19, 2004

That loud crashing sound . . . 

. . . you just heard is the Conservative campaign tripping on its own hubris Winnipeg Sun: NEWS - 'Porn' barb leaves bad taste
So on Wednesday, mesmerized by polls saying that he had "won" the debate, Harper muses about what he will do when he is king (and I doubt the world will sing.)
People started to think, who does this guy think he is? Then on Thursday, people started to find out.
The Conservative premier that Ontario loves to hate, Ralph Klein, announces he is going to trash the Canada Health Act the day after the election -- and Harper didn't seem to care, confirming his remarks during the debate that he wasn't concerned about whether health care was delivered privately or not -- which is, of course, the very core of Medicare, and shows his contempt for its basic principles.
Then the Liberals start running their most effective attack ads, likening Harper's spending plans to Mulroney and to Mike Harris, who likely come second and third as the men Ontario loves to hate. This not only echoed Martin's show-me-the-money attack during the debate, it also capitalizes on Martin's own greatest strength, his success in reducing the deficit.
Then Friday, the two "bizarre and ugly" press releases, one against Martin and the other against the NDP, saying they favour child ponography, a ridiculous slander straight out of the old Reform playbook and an offensive attempt to find a cheap political advantage in the Holly Jones tragedy.
Stay tuned

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