Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Yesterday's news 

I always think the catch-phrases that media outlets use for their continuing stories are instructive. For example, during the Iraq war, we're seen phrases like 'America at War' and then 'America in Iraq'. Now, we're seeing a definite tone-down, reflecting the idea that as far as the American media is concerned, they want to treat Iraq as yesterday's news:
MSNBC now uses "Iraq: Transfer of Power". CNN calls their section "The Struggle for Iraq". The New York Times section head is incomprehensible: "The Reach of War", while CBSjust uses "Iraq: After Saddam". The word "America" has disappeared, in spite of the fact that not a single American soldier is coming home because of the so-called transfer -- in fact, another 6,000 are being drafted. Happy July 4th to them and their families!

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