Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Another great line of the day 

Atrios sums up the source of right-wing anger : against Miers:
Wingnuttia is rather angry at the choice. I don't think this is because they're really concerned that she's not conservative enough for their tastes, although that's part of it. They're angry because this was supposed to be their nomination. This is was their moment. They didn't just want a stealth victory, they wanted parades and fireworks. They wanted Bush to find the wingnuttiest wingnut on the planet, fully clothed and accessorized in all the latest wingnut fashions, not just to give them their desired Court rulings, but also to publicly validate their influence and power. They didn't just want substantive results, what they wanted even more were symbolic ones. They wanted Bush to extend a giant middle finger to everyone to the left of John Ashcroft. They wanted to watch Democrats howl and scream and then ultimately lose a nasty confirmation battle. They wanted this to be their 'WE RUN THE COUNTRY AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT' moment. Whatever kind of judge she would be, she doesn't provide them with that.
I thought this was a perceptive comment. There is an amazing degree of "gottcha" in the US political sphere.
It behooves us to try to avoid that kind of wingnuttery. For example, I don't agree with Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, but I don't think he is an incompetent moron who hates Canada -- in the US, it seems like the right wing is encouraged to feel that way about the librulls. Maybe its just divine inspiration.

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