Saturday, October 08, 2005

By Howie, I think he's got it! 

Dean Aims to Overhaul Democrats -- well, well, will wonders never cease. A story which is positive about: 1)Howard Dean, and 2) what he is doing with the Democrats.
Dean is putting four or five DNC staff members in every state with orders to organize every precinct. One of the organizers' first mandates is to conduct four major events a year, one or two of which are mainly social. Dean learned from his own campaign that it is critical to form relationships that turn into small communities and build into networks of people who feel part of a bottom-up operation with a purpose larger than themselves. It's a long-term investment that runs counter to the political culture in Washington that, in the last years of the 20th century, has valued multimillion-dollar TV buys over grass-roots organizing. 'You've got to recruit people. You've got to ask them to do something,' Dean said. 'You have to treat them like a community.'
Absolutely correct, Howie.

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