Friday, October 28, 2005

Great lines of the day 

D r i f t g l a s s writes:
Bush is a bolt of convenient winding cloth to hide the moral leprosy of the Right. Bush is the Halloween Costume Rove dresses up in when he goes abroad in the land to slander and defame and destroy. The math is simple:
Bush+Rove = Swift Boat Liars, gay-bashing ballot initiatives in 2004, smearing Max Cleland, John McCain's Black Baby.
Bush-Rove = Katrina, 'Brownie', Harriet Miers, the First Debate, Cindy Sheehan.
As we on the Left of Crazy have always known, Rove is our Domestic President in charge of dividing and destroying the country from within, and Cheney runs the Foreign Plunder division, tasked with pissing away our reputation abroad, while lining the pockets of his shareholders. And as long as he sticks to the script, Bush -- the feeble-minded codpiece used to cover up their crimes and betrayals -- gets to play at being President.
But now, despite all of the insipid rhetoric on the Right about Bush the Wise, Bush the Sage, Bush the Brilliant, their own hysteria gives them away . . . . the Party of Morality and Personal Responsibility is compelled to admit to itself that treason and treachery in the Oval Office is, by their own lights, No Biggy. And by their shouting they own up the the fact that it's the Real President that's under the hammer.

Emphasis mine.

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