Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Great line of the day 

Mike Whitney writes in Iraq: a right-rolicking cock-up:
Rumsfeld has no intention of allowing the free media to chronicle and photograph the orgy of terror he has engendered in Iraq. The American people must never see the countless lives that are sacrificed or ruined so they pedal-about in their behemoth luxury-vehicles. An iron curtain has been drawn around Iraq, allowing the invading power to wreak havoc across the country with complete impunity. Nearly a full year has passed since Falluja was leveled in a drunken fit of revenge and still the apocryphal 'free press' hasn't produced pictures of the devastation for their American audience.
Emphasis mine. Maybe I noticed this paragraph because I have been thinking along the same lines as Mike Whitney that there is bad stuff happening in Iraq these days which isn't getting reported because no one is there to do this job.

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