Saturday, October 08, 2005

Great line of the day 

From firedoglake: "Note to self: do not EVER play poker with Patrick Fitzgerald."
I've put up a few new links, and reorganized a few of the existing ones. One of the new ones is Firedoglake, where this line comes from -- its part of an interesting article on the latest in the Plame story.
All over left blogistan, the cry is going up -- "Oh please, oh please, oh please . . . ". (This quotes WTF is it Now? orgiastically contemplating even the possibility of a Rove frogmarch moment. But everyone else feels the same way.)
If you thought right-wingers were disappointed with Hariett Miers, I cannot even imagine the gloom in left blogistan if Fitzgerald announces next week 'so long and thanks for all the fish.' However, I don't think he will -- he has been too serious in his approach, on everything from interviewing Bush and Cheney to jailing Judy Miller, to be shooting blanks. There are all sorts of scenarios being booted about, but the one everyone seems to think most likely is that Scooter is going down, maybe also Rove, and maybe with Cheney and/or Bush as unindicted co-conspirators -- see also Lawrence O'Donnell's stuff, and emptywheel's stuff.

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