Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary's message 

Hillary give a barn-burner of a speech tonight, as even the commenters at Daily Kos agree. I thought Hillary included a very subtle message to Barak in her Harriet Tubmann story:
"When you hear the dogs, keep going."
There has been far too much backing down in recent Democratic presidential campaigns, Gore and Kerry both.
I will never forget, during the third debate with Gore and Bush, seeing Gore give a shamefaced chuckle and virtually apologize to Bush for "inventing the Internet".
Now Barak is being told to do this as well -- like just a week ago, some pundit at the New Republic said Barak shouldn't hold public appearances in front of large crowds anymore because the Republicans would attack his "celebrity". And during this convention, apparently some of the commentators are saying Barak has to tone down the attacks on McCain because after all it will just result in McCain getting mad (like, what is he, the Incredible Hulk?)
The message from Hillary was, ignore the baying dogs and just keep going.
Maybe now Barak will even have the guts to enlist the best campaigner in the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton, in his campaign!

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