Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Strange wording for this CBC news story about Harper calling an election
The CBC's Keith Boag, covering Harper's news conference in Ottawa, said Tuesday's comments marked the first time Harper has been direct in answering questions about the possibility he will call an election.
Harper didn't say an election would depend on what Dion decides, or on any other conditions, as he has in past news conferences.
"The prime minister is not trying to be coy about it in any way at all anymore," Boag said. "He more or less accepted that an election is going to happen."
"When the prime minister himself is talking that way, you can pretty much take it to the bank that he's made up his mind that he'll have to call an election very, very soon."
Emphasis mine.
Note the passive wording, as though calling an election is not Harper's decision.
But it is, entirely and completely his own decision. And he is breaking is own law to do it. None of the opposition parties are forcing this -- except that they just will not stop winning byelections or holding hearings into the In-and-Out scam and the Bernier scandal, even though Harper has asked them really nicely.
Oooh, those bastards! How dare they? Obviously, Canadians cannot expect Harper to follow his own law under such intolerable conditions!

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