Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic spirit 

Canadian cyclist Martin Gilbert has the true Olympic spirit.
He had to train in his garage, and now his bike is broken:
. . . He wouldn't be in this position if any of the three Canadian manufacturers he contacted before leaving had only agreed to supply him with a bike.
The best they offered was to sell him one at cost, which would still set him back several thousand dollars.
British cyclists, in the meantime, arrived at the Olympics with prototypes designed by Formula One racing team McLaren . . .
Along with teammate Zach Bell of Watson Lake, Yukon, Gilbert's selection to the national team was contested before the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada.
He only got the final go ahead a month before the Games began.
While waiting for the verdict, the Chateauguay, Que., native trained in his garage and at a exterior velodrome in Bromont, Que., about 85 kilometres south of Montreal.
Canada was too cheap to get him a good bike. And he trained IN HIS GARAGE!
But he's in China for us. And he's still proud to represent us there.
Oh, if anyone deserves a medal at these Games . . .

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