Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama-Biden 2008 

Well, I think its too bad it's not Hillary, but everybody seems happy with the Biden choice.
Steve Clemons makes some excellent arguments about Why Joe Biden is Vital and the Right Choice.
My clearest memory of Joe Biden was watching him at some Senate hearing, when he got angry at former defense secretary Rumsfeld over the implications of Abu Ghraib. Biden actually shouted, he was so angry, and he said something like, its my son you are putting at risk here, my son and every American's son, if we treat their soldiers so badly, how dare you put my son in danger. Biden brought a personal, family dimension to the discussion that it badly needed.
Also, it was Biden who torpedoed Guilliani's campaign with his "Noun. Verb. 9-11". Good line, that. I hope he can issue a few memorable zingers in this campaign too.

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