Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic rant 

I've added CBC Olympics to the blogroll, just to make it easier to find.
But every Olympics I get frustrated with CBC's coverage. Here I am ranting already and it is only day two.
Why, oh why, are they virtually incapable of doing an actual sports show? You know, the kind of show that sports networks like TSN and The Score do every day, where they have knowledgeable announcers who summarize what happened while they visuals cover the most important highlights of the game? Nope, for that, I have to rely on Newsworld's once-a-night half hour, which in my time zone starts at 5:30 so chances are I'll mostly miss it.
Why, oh why, are they incapable of announcing a schedule of what happened that day and what they will be covering? CBC thinks we've all got five hours a night, every night, to plunk down in front of the TV and mindlessly watch whatever bits and pieces of events they throw at us, in whatever chaotic order they chose, bouncing us from the freestyle relay to soccer with a brief pause at the parallel bars and a quick shot of some unnamed athlete actually putting in a gold medal performance at some event but they don't tell us what, exactly...
Did you know a tiny Chinese woman won a gold medal today in some weightlifting event? I saw her performance twice, for about 30 seconds, with no commentary about what she was lifting and whether it was a world record or not. And there were some shooting medals being won somewhere, but CBC couldn't be bothered covering that event. And some sailing was going on too...
God forbid they should actually throw a graphic up on the screen showing us an actual nightly schedule, like a list of the sports they are going to cover that night and the time they are going to be on. Instead, we get this endless "Coming up, women's swimming!" kind of stuff and even then we don't actually get to the pool for another hour or more.
And why, oh why can't they give us a five-minute highlight reel every hour, so we could check in and be sure of catching the most memorable performances? I think they won't do it because they worry that's all people would watch and the sponsors would be upset.
And God forbid they should upset the sponsors! If they did, why, then we wouldn't get the chance to see the umpteenth iteration of that Royal Bank commercial about some red-haired woman -- you know, the one we're already so tired of that we immediately switch the channel when it comes on . . .

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