Friday, October 03, 2008

Debate views -- Dion gets the nod

At the Globe and Mail, the editorial board calls it for Dion, while Andrew Steele blogs:
Stephane Dion had as good a showing as he could have expected. He was never really knocked down, although he stumbled over the language on too many occasions to count. . . There was another player in the debate that wasn't even in the room.
The 800-plus point drop in the TSE actually led CBC's The National rather than the debate. I cannot think of another occasion on which that has happened.
The economy was supposed to be the Conservatives' strong point, but Dion's gambit yesterday seems to have turned the tables, if only for a couple of days.
I'm giving the edge to Layton on points.
However, I actually think that Dion may wind up with the biggest bump out of this, because the economy is now the issue and his campaign was smart enough to judo flip themselves into the lead on the issue. . . .
James Travers at the Toronto Star and Don Martin at Canwest News Service think Dion had an OK performance but was not a knockout, while also agreeing that the economy is now front and centre in the campaign.

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