Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Third Wave StealthCons

We're up to 23 StealthCons now, and counting.
If it were just a few missed meetings, or if it was the Ladies Nazi Party Target Shooting Association that was trying to sponsor debates, then Canadians could accept an explanation that all these Conservatives missing all these candidate meetings was just bad luck or inconvenient scheduling. But the pattern now is clear and compelling. In this election, its obvious that StealthConning is a deliberate national Conservative Party policy.
What I wonder is -- why are these Conservatives so unwilling to defend what they have done in the past or what they want to do in the future?
The "StealthCon" term is RossK's great invention, and he defines it thusly:
A StealthCon is a Harpertronic conservative candidate who ducks the media and especially the public. Their most egregious acts of stealthitude occur when they subvert democracy completely by refusing to show up at all candidates meetings where the voters, instead of watching ads on the TeeVee actually head out the door in an effort to find out, via their own eyes and ears, what they will (or will not) be voting for.
Adding to StealthCon One and The Stealthening, here is my latest installment:
Regina Wascana candidate Michelle Hunter would not attend a debate at the University of Regina even though Ralph Goodale was there.
"The Conservative candidate's failure to be here is a gesture of profound disrespect. Just like not telling the truth about equalization or perhaps plagiarizing a speech," said Goodale.
Hunter did send a statement that was read aloud.
Well, wasn't that just so special of her? Pretty hard for those university students to have a discussion with a piece of paper.
There's more -- RossK's most recent report is John Baird. And the BC Liberals have compiled a list including these StealthCons types:
- Russ Hiebert (South Surrey – White Rock – Cloverdale) missed an all-candidates meeting hosted by the Crescent Beach Property Owners Association, forcing the event’s cancellation. (September 17)
- Sam Rakhra (Burnaby – New Westminster) was a no-show at a BCTV all-candidates debate. (September 17)
- Dona Cadman rejected an invitation to participate on a CBC radio panel. (September 24)
- Alice Wong skipped an all-candidates meeting hosted by the Canada-Asia Pacific Business Association. (September 25)
- John Cummins (Delta – Richmond East) skipped an all-candidates meeting hosted by the Canada-Asia Pacific Business Association. (September 25)
Thanks, Jeff, for that link. To be continued...

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