Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Health" with air quotes

Crooks and Liars quotes John McCain's heartless, clueless debate moment:
" [indicates air quotes] of the mother. You know that’s been stretched by the pro-abortion movement to mean almost anything."
John McCain apparently things there are all sorts of slutty women, or, to use a McCain term, cunts, who get knocked up and then change their minds and try to pretend they're sick just so they can justify to a disbelieving world that they need a late-term abortion.
Via C&L, here's one woman who would have died without a late-term abortion:

In March of [1995], Watts was in the eighth month of a much-wanted pregnancy and was eagerly anticipating the birth of her first child. During a routine ultrasound (the only way to detect abnormalities that require late-term abortion), she discovered her baby had Trisomy 13, a chromosomal abnormality that causes severe deformities and carries no hope of survival.
Because her baby was already dying and because this put her own life at stake, Watts had an intact dilation and extraction (D and X) . . . "Losing my baby at the end of my pregnancy was agonizing," says Watts.
And here's two more:
When Congress first considered the ban in 1995, Watts testified on Capitol Hill. So did Viki Wilson of Fresno, Calif., who had a late-term abortion because the brain of the fetus she was carrying had developed outside the skull. So did Vikki Stella of Naperville, Ill., whose fetus had dwarfism, no brain tissue and seven other major abnormalities.
All three women told legislators they owed their health to late-term abortions and that a continuation of their doomed pregnancies posed grave health risks such as stroke, paralysis, infertility or even death.
As they campaign to save access to these procedures, Watts, Stella and Wilson point out that in virtually all cases, late-term abortions are the only way to respond to unanticipated complications: the death of the fetus inside the womb, problems that mean the fetus can't live outside the womb, or serious threats to the mother's health.
"No women has these procedures for frivolous reasons," says Stella. "They have them because it's their only choice."
Choice -- that's the key word. McCain does not respect it. Nor does he respect the women who make these choices.
Interesting, however, that for all of McCain's anti-abortion pandering at the debate, the fundies will be shocked to find out that McCain voted in favour of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's nomination to the Supreme Court -- I'll bet just about none of the fundies knew this, and they will find it unforgiveable.
Wait til they find out he voted for Stephen G. Breyer too!

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