Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yeah, that about sums it up

Red Canuck says he is overwhelmingly underwhelmed with the election results:
Disappointment for Stephen Harper; no majority.
Disappointment for Stephane Dion; lost seats and lost Fortress Ontario.
Disappointment for Jack Layton; still in 4th place.
Disappointment for Elizabeth May; lost her riding and no elected MPs.
Satisfaction for Gilles Duceppe; but he's a separatist.
Cost: $300 million . . .
But here's a few silver linings: Justin Trudeau was elected. Michael Fortier lost. Ralph Goodale was re-elected. David Orchard lost. Bill Casey was re-elected with 70 per cent of the vote, which I would bet is the highest popular vote percentage in the country. And Edmonton-Strathcona may go NDP!

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