Monday, September 21, 2009

Calling Firedoglake out 

Firedoglake is off my blogroll.
Sadly, I have reached my limit of tolerance with the Obama-trashing commenters on this site.
Want examples? Commenters to this Jan Hamsher post say:
“eletist asshole who is really put out by having to get in the weeds about the peasants health care problems” and a “dispicable, lying, deplorable human being and …a “fraud” from day one” and “Obama NEVER intended to do one thing about healthcare for the American People going in. He’s the one responsible for this charade that’s happening now”
Today Hamsher herself says:
We were trying to think of how health care would be different if Mitt Romney had been elected, and really couldn’t think of how it would be.
Really? REALLY? You actually see no difference between Mitt Romney and Barak Obama?
Finally, these comments at this post
"Nearly everything Obama says these days pisses me off but his repeated smackdowns of progressives is too much to take. Go to Hell, Mr. President." and "stop it, Obama. Just stop it. We get it, you don’t like us much. Surprise! It’s mutual."
Well, I guess I agree with Obama, then -- I don't like these people much either.

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