Sunday, September 06, 2009

No more Okey-Dokey 

Here is Iggy's new ad:

Steve thinks this has hit the perfect tone.
I agree.
Though apparently some Convservative bloggers wanted a batch of attack ads. As BigCityLib notes:
....the problem with Conservatives generally, is that for them, if you're not accusing someone of being a pedophile or a commie, its just not campaigning.
But speaking of the campaign, I have come to the conclusion that Ignatieff isn't so much wanting to force an election as he's wanting to just stop saying "Okey-dokey" to Harper. As Steve also points out:
The same columnists that are simply AGHAST at the prospects of another election, are the same people who would be writing that Ignatieff's a wimp and the Liberals are rudderless and weak, Harper bested us again, if he announced he would "prop up" the government to avoid an election this fall.
Iggy's basically saying, no more wimping out, its time to let the NDP and the Bloc do the Okey-Dokey with Harper for a change!
Sure, Iggy's ready to go this fall -- and I'm still not sure that this is the right time -- but basically I think the Liberal calculation is that if the NDP and the Bloc ruin their own public credibility by continuing to find reasons to vote with Harper, then fine -- the Liberals just keep on raising more money and running more ads.

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