Monday, September 21, 2009


In British Columbia, they're marching in the streets against the HST, the so-called "harmonized sales tax". In Ontario, the federal Liberals have lost 15 points to the Conservatives, and I think we can assign at least some of the blame to McGinty's intention to bring in the HST.
A few weeks ago, I heard John Gormley trying to get Premier Brad Wall to talk about the HST. Gormley has long been in favour of the HST and he tried mightly to get Wall to say, or even hint, that he would reconsider the HST for Saskatchewan. Wall was extremely smart -- he just kept saying over and over that he had not campaigned on it and would not think of it. I was surprised that he would be so definite, but seeing how deeply unpopular the HST is in BC and Ontario, I can understand why Wall wouldn't move an inch on it.

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