Sunday, August 08, 2010


So I guess everyone who uses Census data has just been freeloading while the feds did all the work.
Those poor downtrodden MPs just aren't going to put up with such an outrageous workload any longer.
I also think its just terrible that its the federal government who have had to manage all those soldiers and airplanes and warships --after all, its not as though the army is actually doing anything in particular on Parliament Hill, so why should our federal politicians have to put all this effort into Canadian defense?
And how about all those economic stimulus programs? What a bunch of freeloaders THOSE people are!
And its absolutely outrageous that the public should expect those hardworking MPs to maintain the Criminal Code, where they're always getting into arguments about whether something should be illegal or not. Our MPs aren't usually the ones being robbed or shot or swindled, so why should THEY have to do all that work passing laws and building prisons?
And how about running foreign embassies and issuing passports and setting rules for immigration? Its such a lot of work, and do the MPs get any benefit from it? No, the MPs are already in Canada, so why should they have to care about people who aren't?
I'm sure our MPs would much rather be golfing or eating out or taking a nice nap, and they'd have time to do this if only all of us freeloading Canadians would just stop pestering them!

UPDATE: Chet said it first.

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