Saturday, August 21, 2010

More members for the League

The League of Extraordinary Canadians is increasing by the day -- 900ftJesus and, in comments, Beijing York provide more nominees:
Luc Pomerleau, biologist, Food Inspection Agency for whistleblowing.
Douglas Tipple, consultant, PWGSC, set up then fired for his advice on real estate.
David Rotor, consultant, PWGSC, set up then fired for his advice on real estate.
Arthur Carty, National Science Advisor, phased out.
Alan Leadbeater, Canadian Information Commission, dismissed
Johanne Gelinas, Environment Commissioner, dismissed for a scathing report
Jean-Guy Fleury, chair, Immigration & Refugee Board, resigned out of frustration
Jean-Pierre Kingsley, Elections Canada, stonewalled, resigned while investigating the CONs
Louise Arbour, UN High Com. for Human Rights, was refused support on 2nd term, publicly rebuffed
Steve Sullivan, victims of crime ombudsman, term was not renewed, publicly took issue with the Harper government's tough-on-crime agenda.
Sheridan Scott, Competition Bureau head, ran afoul environment minister, quit after being told her appointment would not be renewed.
Deanna Allen VP Canadian Wheat Board, fired by Harper appointee Arason following Measner's firing.
The Liberals are compiling a Harper Enemies List too.
Canada is being governed by Dick Cheney North.
UPDATE: Chantal Herbert makes the story mainstream and calls out the MPs and Senators who are letting this happen.

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