Sunday, August 22, 2010

The ideological hammer

When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
When all you have is a conservative ideology, as the Harper Conservatives do, then all solutions are ideological.
Here's another example:
In Macleans, John Geddes writes about the secret history of the RCMP and Insite, noting how some RCMP leadership changed their views about harm reduction as they actually reviewed and discussed the research findings about the Insite project. Geddes concludes his article with this question:
The question now is whether these revelations about the undisclosed evolution in the RCMP’s perspective on the Insite experiment will have any impact on the government’s determination to end it.
No, they won't.
This has been another edition of Simple Answers to Simple Questions.
I've been writing articles for several years about the Cons war against Insight -- and RossK at The Gazetteer made key connections to the Bush Justice Department and the Haters' Club.
I think we can conclude, without fear of contradiction, that on the part of the Harper Conservatives there has never been the least indication they understand anything about drug use and how to deal with it realistically. They're against drugs because it is Conservative ideology to be against them and don't bother them with the facts!
(H/T The Jurist)
UPDATE: Mr. Sinister describes the refusal to participate in the reality-based community as the unbearable lightness of being a Conservative.

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