Friday, July 08, 2011

Junk mail

Various journalists are blaming the postal workers for the mail backlog -- they're forgetting that it was Canada Post management that decided to lock out its workers for two weeks in June and settle the dispute by legislation rather than negotiation.
Now, we've had a week of mostly junk mail, while Canada Post apparently still struggles to set priorities:
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers claimed Wednesday that its members were being forced to deliver out-of-date flyers rather than bills and cheques, "setting themselves up to be blamed by an angry public."
"The CUPW is concerned that decisions made by Canada Post senior management to first lock out and then delay delivery will be blamed on postal workers," wrote the union in the mid-week release.
"Canada Post is prioritizing junk mail over cheques," said Alain Duguay, CUPW president of the Montreal local, adding that he has seen passports collecting dust that date back to early June. "I'm really wondering if there's a collusion to privatize."
We've had four or five bills delivered this week, plus a batch of junk mail -- but my father-in-law hasn't received his Father's Day cards yet.

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