Saturday, July 09, 2011


As Obama tries to get the Republicans to act like adults in dealing with the debt ceiling, his blogosphere is onside NOT.
In anticipation that Obama might have to actually make a deal with the devil, the blogosphere is starting another one of its periodic "evil Obama" spasms.
Ian Welsh asks compared to McCain, was Obama actually the lesser evil? Welsh says Bush "failed to slash Social Security. Obama is probably going to do so soon" -- let's not remind anyone that Bush actually WANTED to slash Social Security and actually PROPOSED slashing it, oh no its much more important to criticize Obama's supposed thought crimes.
And Firedoglake thinks we should discuss whether Obama is the Worst President Ever -- they're mad because Obama has supposedly "betrayed his base at every turn".
As No More Mr. Nice Blog says
If I'm following this logic correctly, the results from the Bush presidency were horrible and the results of the Obama presidency are horrible so far, but we ought to give Bush credit because he doled out the horrors deliberately.
By that logic, I guess we ought to ask: who piloted a mass transportation vehicle in the most monstrous way in the past century -- the 9/11 hijackers or the captain of the Titanic?
Really, it's an open question, isn't it? Oh, sure, the 9/11 hijackers killed nearly 3,000 people with malice aforethought, but that's just the point. The malice aforethought is a good thing -- they served their base. The fact that the captain of the Titanic didn't want to kill people very possibly makes him a worse person.
It is beyond stupid. As John Cole says, these people are fucking clinical.
Ah, yes, the "evil" Obama -- the man who appointed Sotomayor and Kagan to the Supreme Court, who saved the US car industry (and Canada's, too), who promoted equal pay for work of equal value, who ended DADT, who reversed 8 years of Republican tampering with every social and administrative agency of the US government, who forced Mubarak to resign, who did not attack Iran, who passed health care reform, who .... well, look it up.
None of these things would have been done by McCain. Many of them would not have been done by Hilary, either.
Obama hasn't taken down the US financial industry. No president would have, not Hilary, not any Republican, certainly not McCain.
And Obama hasn't reversed the imperial presidency started by Bush and Cheney. It ain't gonna happen, no matter who is elected in the future. McCain certainly would not have reversed this either, and neither would Hilary. Considering the dysfunctional US Congress -- ever since Newt Gingrich was elected Speaker, they have been a collection of clowns and fools -- no president is ever going to let these guys run things the way people of the calibre of Tip O'Neill and Ted Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson used to.
That ship has sailed.

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