Saturday, July 23, 2011

Triple Putz-Lutz

At the Mahablog, commenter gulag describes how right-wingers are greeting the news that the Norway terror attacker was right-wing extremist:
They perform what I call “A Triple Putz-Lutz.”
This maneuver is not as difficult as it sounds, and happens pretty frequently.
“A Triple Putz-Lutz" is where some Conservative individual or group blames someone or something they hate (which is pretty much everyone except for themselves) for something that happens, find out it’s actually someone who is also a right wing nut (usually Christian), and then try to blame it on Liberals who are trying to discredit Conservatism – because, as we all know, Conservatism is perfect, and can only be discredited by Conservatives being insufficiently Conservative, or by Liberal infamy.
See Small Dead Animals (Socialists are even worse!), Powerline (Just goes to show that concealed carry laws are the answer!), the Other McCain (Just goes to show that Andrew Sullivan needs to apologize for slandering Sarah Palin!), Bruce Bawer (What a tragedy that Muslims aren't to blame!) -- and meanwhile, Little Green Footballs traces the connections between European, English and American anti-Muslim hate groups.

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