Monday, May 08, 2023

Coronation Highlights: Canada Indigenous Leadership in London

Just one additional note about the Coronation -- here are some of the highlights I gathered about significant moments for Indigenous delegation members in their visit to London.
In the Globe and Mail, Royal expert John Fraser posts an interesting comment about King Charles' coronation: 
Over at Canada House, there was a considerable gathering of Canadians to watch the coronation on large television monitors, a gathering which included many Indigenous visitors. A witness to the proceedings, verified by another person present, reported that the most striking thing to happen during the live broadcast of the service was when the King was crowned and later during the playing and singing of God Save the King, Indigenous members in the gathering all stood in respect. Most of the non-Indigenous viewers stayed glued to their seats.
This suggests interesting days to come in the story of Canada, especially when the King and Queen make their next visit.
Ambassador Goodale also told a reporter they are working on setting up a Royal Visit to Canada now.
Other events:


Anonymous said...

According to Chief Perry Bellegarde, the coronation holds significance for Indigenous people as they have a treaty relationship with the Crown, and thus, it is crucial for them to be present to witness the event.

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Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks for your comment - very useful.