Thursday, May 11, 2023

The Stupid! It Burns!

First, the most serious story today in Canada was the Alberta wildfires -- and I'm not sure whether this newest development is stupid, or criminal, or maybe both, but tonight there were reports that even though the Alberta wildfires continue to burn, some municipalities will be allowing evacuated people to return to their homes in spite of the risk:
And in spite of the irrational anger from this rancher at this meeting in Grande Prairie, I did think he had a point about how he needs better communications from the municipality to show whether livestock is at risk, etc:
Because if Covid has taught us anything, it is the importance of improving communications between government and people.
Next, the goofiest and least serious story in Canada today was the passport design kerfluffle -- another ridiculous rage-farming attempt by Poilievre and the boys to get everybody riled up against Trudeau!
Part of the "controversy" was actually funny: But then Jen Gerson and Andrew Coyne and even The Legion got sucked into the CPC outrage machine. They should be feeling a little embarrassed about how easily they were played. Everyone had already forgotten about this, but people complained 10 years ago about the passport design that was introduced then, too, when the Harper government redesigned it -- and that was because they added way too much white settler history. Finally, tonight was the Trump "town hall" on CNN - and it is now time to revive #ETTD (Everything Trump Touches Dies) because that is what will happen to CNN:
The more I read about what is happening in the United States, the more I worry about it:


Cap said...

Meh, I'm not wild about the Corporate Memphis style of the new passport pages, but the splash of red leaves on the dark blue back cover is nice. In any case, who cares how it looks as long as it gets you through customs. The pre-Harper passports had a maple leaf on every page and nobody was throwing fits about how boring they were. This is just more manufactured Con outrage.

Cathie from Canada said...

I agree, Cap. Just so dumb.

e.a.f. said...

was just watching the late news and was shocked to see people at their burned out farms and the reporter was saying people were returning to their homes or what was left of them. Perhaps smith doesn't want to spend the money on evacuation centers. Oh, well we will see what happens and if a bunch of people die due to returning to their homes it will clearly demonstrate how stupid the politicians and some of the voters are.

You don't learn to live with forest fires. You get out of the area and wait it out. Burning to death is a tad painfull

Cathie from Canada said...

It all seems to be related to the "you can't tell ME what to do!" syndrome now in our society.

e.a.f. said...

Well we could send them silver engraved invites to move it along so they don't get dead, just a suggestion