Sunday, May 21, 2023

Weekend funnies: From being cancelled, to being wrecked by an orca

There are too many people these days who get outraged when they say something awful in a national media and then get asked to defend their views or shut up about them. The right wing rails against so-called "cancel culture"  - even though, of course, it is the right wingers themselves who are busy cancelling liberalism wherever they can.
Now we have another example - a bizarre "Thought Criminals" story in the New Yorker , complaining how problematic it is for a group of self-important right-wingers that nobody wants to listen to their BS anymore.  It is the comments that make this story worth noting, because they are truly hilarious:
Moving on, here's some great stuff about supporting trans people. Lately we have been reading so many grotesque stories about sexism toward trans people, in the United States and also in Canada - it is awful and must be very discouraging. Then I saw this tweet from PMJT: It encouraged me to search for and highlight some positive examples of trans support: Finally, here is some funny stuff: The world would be a poorer place without Arnold Schwarzenegger in it - go back to the beginning of this thread to see how this started: Finally, this is pretty creepy, isn't it?


Cap said...

Notice how the Cons are curiously silent on gender-affirming care? Normally, you'd expect them to be in lockstep with the GOP. But Bill C-4 that banned conversion therapy passed with all-party support once Bergen told Leslyn Lewis et al. to STFU and vote in favour. That bill effectively makes gender-affirming care the default treatment for gender dysphoria, and leaves Bernier's PPC as the only party opposed. It'll be interesting to see whether Mad Max can get elected in Manitoba on this issue.

Cathie from Canada said...

Yes, I wondered about this too. I like to think that Canadians aren't as gullible + credulous and/or as cruel + stupid as people seem to be in the US. But then I see the Fuck Trudeau rallies lately and ..... hmmm.