Friday, March 15, 2024

#Kate-Gate: maybe she just exited, pursued by a bear

Oh, wouldn't you know that the Kate Middleton story is now so big it just had to become "Kate-Gate"! Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri has a whole list of possibilities [gift link] -- from turning into a giant bug, to stepping into a mysterious wardrobe, to falling down a rabbit hole, or just "exited, pursued by a bear" (ie, she left William). 
The late night TV talk shows are getting into the swing of things too: Of course, people are noticing that Meghan wasn't treated the same way by the British tabs. Gee, I wonder why? In the end, I expect it will turn out to be something quite dull and ordinary, like weight gain or an ostomy -  also perhaps proving that "dull and ordinary" isn't something the Royal Family understands:


Cap said...

Has anyone checked the Tower of London lately?

Cathie from Canada said...

"With her head tucked underneath her arm..."

Purple library guy said...

Yeah, yeah, whatever, the Americans hate the monarchy and what business is it of theirs, exactly?