Sunday, March 10, 2024

"Say....what????" moments -- with Campbell, Middleton, Moe, and LA

Several "Say....what????" moments tonight: 

First, Kim Campbell called Pierre Poilievre a liar and a hatemonger. Wow! And on a side note, isn't this the truth? Moving on, this is very strange isn't it!  Something seems to be wrong with Kate Middleton, apparently. She was last out in public in December, then she had abdominal surgery in January, and she hasn't been seen since. And then today - Mother's Day in England - Kensington Palace released a family photo to quell the speculation. 
Oops! Finally, wasn't it to see the McEwen rink get so far but then lose the Briar final. 
But then this happened: And this was actually sorta hilarious:

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e.a.f. said...

When I read Kim Campbell's comment regarding PP cracked me up. then I thought, gee we don't hear much from her on politics. Wonder what is up.

As to PP, well all he knows is how to hate. He isn't a pleasant person. He is limited. He went to university and then ran for M.P., won and that is the extent of his experience. He stands up in Parliament and goes on and on about the Liberals, but has yet to offer solutions which are going to work for the country. PP is sort of like a trump in training and if he is elected as P.M. we will have a problem