Friday, March 15, 2024

The Golden Calf and the Three Little Pigs

In America, Trump is the Golden Calf - because he has no philosophy or morals or principles himself, he can only reflect the hatreds and prejudices of his worshipers. And they love him for it.
Here in Canada, we're dealing with out own fairy tale. Poilievre's three-word solutions --Ax the Tax, Build the Homes -- and his frothing hatred of Trudeau makes him a kindred spirit to people who want shouting and slogans and fist-raising rallys but who don't know what his slogans actually mean. 
Mulroney knew the real Poilievre, as does Kim Campbell
Now his MPs are following in his footsteps: People are noticing that Poilievre's speeches seem to be adopting an "ein volk, ein reich" flavour: Journalist Brigitte Pellerin writes "Tell Me, Pierre, What Is A Jewish Riding?"
People who are eligible to vote in Canada are Canadian citizens and fully Canadian, full stop. If we allow politicians to put people into groups and pit those groups up against one another, we agree to them tearing this democracy apart and that won’t do.
The Poilievre gang feels free to do just that, and I can promise you they’ll find me in their path.
22 Minutes has nailed it: Poilievre used to deal with media questions by adopting a Mr. Roboto persona to make non-answer answers. Now he doesn't even want to hear the questions at all: HaHa -- the "Baloney Factory"! Apparently Poilievre and the Baloney Factory can't even figure out what to say about something that happened years ago. How in the world do they think he will respond to current events? We will sure miss Trudeau if Canadians make the mistake of thinking that all politicians are basically the same and so a change is as good as a rest:

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e.a.f. said...

Bruce Anderson's comment is correct and Kim Campbell's just made me laugh. They both have PP's number. All PP does is complain. Haven't heard anything from his mouth which indicates he has any idea to solve these alleged problems. Come to think of it, Cons don't really solve problems, they create them.
When you axe taxes, you defund the government and then the programs people need disappear. Of course the ultra rich do just fine.